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Sanctuary Message (Service)

Browsing the Internet I stumbled on a christian forum, beginning with a thread bearing the subject "Is the Sanctuary Message important to Adventists anymore?" The author's and many of the members response in some degree alarmed me and filled me with several emotions. Overall, I was sadden both for and by some of them.

Clever is the snare of the enemy. Both those who claim to be for and those who claim to be against key biblical doctrines fulfill the same purpose: provide proof that these teachings are no longer necessary. Those who claim to be pro these messages know too little to support their claims and the lack of evidence show the world that these things are not important just as effectively as those who are against truth. As one writer says, "We Have Killed the Sanctuary Message "

Here, where truth is revealed, you will find biblical support for the plain truth. However, should not be sufficient for the deep searcher of truth. It should lead to a thorough and on going search of the bible with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Only then, can conviction go deep.