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Families of Revealing Truths Ministry (RTM) are being severely attacked by the enemy of souls. In light of 1 Tim. 3, leaders in RTM found it necessary to take watchful care of their first line of responsibility; the spiritual health of their immediate families. As such, RTM is currently on sabbatical until the families are strengthened spiritual to move forward in the work of the Lord.

We trust that your faithful prayers for us, and our diligent efforts will have us to return with renewed strength and the Spirit of God. At such time, we will launch the gospel mission that God has called us to.


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Jesus, truly is coming soon! Can you afford to continue living without having the character of Christ. We here realize there is no time to conintue talking about overcoming but to seek an experiential knowledge of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

"This is the only honor we should seek. And we should seek it with a determination and an earnestness proportionate to the value of the treasure we have in view,--eternal life in the kingdom of God. Christ claims the complete consecration of man to himself... Self-renunciation is the great law of self-preservation, and self-preservation is the law of self-destruction." {ST, July 1, 1897 par. 13} read more

Welcome to Revealing Truths Ministry, where prophecy unfolding in our age is exposed and important spiritual points that you will not find in the press is revealed. We focus on current events leading to the coming of Jesus in the context of the truths of the bible.
Included in this website are studies, health tips, monthly recipes, family worship outlines, the availability of audio and video subscriptions. All these are made available to impress on the mind, motivate the action, and remind the believer of our reasonable service to God. Jesus is coming back for a perfect people, who "keep his commandments" - Ecc. 12: 13. > More...

>The city was famed for the worship of the goddess Diana and the practice of magic. Here was the great temple of Diana, which was regarded by the ancients as one of the wonders of the world. Its vast extent and surpassing magnificence made it the pride, not only of the city, but of the nation. Kings and princes had enriched it by their donations. The Ephesians vied with one another in adding to its splendor, and it was made the treasure-house for a large share of the wealth of Western Asia. {3SP 421.3}

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Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Sunday's Study)

Jesus is the Messiah; this is a well known fact by most of christendom. Yet, how many know who he is and who his father is as the bible reveals them. A great many who are called by His name deny him through a "love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline."

Paul's presistence is shown in Acts 17 where he was placed before men with worldly philosophies in the then organized church. Their theories were clearly against the true understanding of God and who His son Jesus is.

Though taking different forms, these philosophies continue today both in and out of the church. It is the purpose of the lesson to briefly identify what is transpiring in this chapter, view historic facts, and determine if these things actually exist today. If so, this would be an aspect of what is to be revealed by the warning of the second angel's message.

  1. Was Paul a Sabbathkeeper? Acts 17:1,2.

    Few would argue whether the Jews kept the seventh day Sabbath of the fourth commandment or not. In the text above, gainsayer and keepers of the fourth commandment can clearly see that Paul honored the bible Sabbath.

  2. Did Paul go to the synagogue to be preached to or simply to enjoy the order of service? Acts 17:2.

    The bible says, he went to preach (discuss thoroughly, dispute, speak, reason - Strong's # 1256) out of the scripture (Old Testament was then available).

  3. Paul and his companions in ministry, preached the gospel to both Jews and Gentiles. But their chief energies were henceforth directed toward the building up of the kingdom of God in heathen territory, among peoples who had but little or no knowledge of the true God and of His Son. {AA 174.3}

  4. What was the subject of Paul's gospel message? Acts 17:3.

    The necessity of Christ's death and resurrection is proof that He is the messiah.

Paul traveling from the north east on his second missionary journey, with the experience of the jail at Philipi just behind him, found a synagogue of the Jews at Thessalonica. Verse 2 help us to know that he didn't go simply to enjoy the order of service. There, he reasoned or disputed with the Jews, from the writings of the Old Testament (the scriptures that were then available), for three Sabbaths in the synagogue showing (or alleging) that Jesus is the Messiah, Son of the living God.

  1. What does the bible reveal the fruit of Paul's labor to be? Acts 17:4.

    The fruits of Paul's labor was revealed in that, some believed. It cannot be understood from the word that only a few of the people that heard the gospel believed, because Acts 17:4 tells us that a great multitude (a whole lot of people), non Jews and important women, believed. However, the suggested understanding, which the context gives, is that only a few of the Jews (those in the synagogue) believed.

  2. What was the reaction of the non-believing Jews? Acts 17:5.
    The non-believing Jews did not stand idly by; rather, their kinetic jealousy was activated by the power the gospel message had on so many. Don't miss a point that is revealed in verse 5 - many who present the gospel message, and more specifically revealing who the bible declares Jesus to be, may have a similar experience. This scripture text should prove to be a point of encouragement. Point: these Jews befriended or confederated with (took unto them) men of degenerate character, formed a mob (gathered a company - see Strong's # 3792), caused an uproar, and vandalized the house where Paul and his friends were staying, in order to get Paul and his friends to come out of the house. When there efforts failed, they took Jason and others of his church brethren to court accusing them of disturbing the peace and breaking the law.

    Those who today teach unpopular truths need not be discouraged if at times they meet with no more favorable reception, even from those who claim to be Christians, than did Paul and his fellow workers from the people among whom they labored. The messengers of the cross must arm themselves with watchfulness and prayer, and move forward with faith and courage, working always in the name of Jesus. They must exalt Christ as man's mediator in the heavenly sanctuary, the One in whom all the sacrifices of the Old Testament dispensation centered, and through whose atoning sacrifice the transgressors of God's law may find peace and pardon. {AA 230.2}

  3. To what extent did the no-believing Jews go, showing their displeasure of the gospel? Acts 17:6-8.
Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Monday's Study)

The evil actions of the non-believing Jews ended the work of Paul at Thessalonica in about three weeks. Leaving there, Paul found himself in a more favorable situation. He was among believers in Berea. These were not christians in name alone, rather they were men and women who were serious about konwing the truth, and the God of Truth.

  1. What class of people were among the group of believers in Berea?

Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Tuesday's Study)

Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Wednesday's Study)

Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Thursday's Study)

Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Friday's Study)

Daily Study (Family Worship)
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Jesus is the Messiah

Worship for Week: Sunday, July 20, 2014 ( Sabbath's Study)

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